Best SARMs For Bulking

Best SARMs For Bulking

When it comes to bulking up and gaining some serious muscle mass, there are a few things you have to plan for. First of all you need a training plan with high intensity workouts and a diet that provides you the necessary calories and nutrients.

But that will only get you to a certain point, and dependent on your metabolism, it can take quite a long time to achieve your goals.

What a lot of athletes and bodybuilders fall back on is the use SARMs in order to speed up the process. With an effective mix of these drugs you can safely boost your body’s ability to produce more muscle tissue and avoid the new muscles wasting away during recovery periods of your training plan.

But before you blindly buy the next best SARM, you need to understand how these products differ. Paying close attention here will help you truly achieve your goals.

What Do You Need For Muscle Gain?

On our blog we have many resources about how exactly SARMs work, so we’ll just look at this from a high-level point of view. Essentially, they are synthetic drugs that mimic certain parts of hormones.

When these then come in contact with androgen receptors they trigger the release of growth hormones and other protein triggers. With traditional steroids, this would result in growth in many parts of the body.

But when you want to target very specific muscle gain, then you need a drug that is highly selective in the way it works. And that is exactly what SARMs will provide.

What you essentially need to focus on, is products that will mainly target receptors in muscle tissue, rather than just metabolism increasing ones that help to burn off any excess stored fat.

How SARMs Help With The Bulking Process

When you’re heading into a heavy training cycle where you increase the amount of training and the weights, your body will naturally boost the release of growth hormones. This is mainly done to repair muscle fibres that get damaged during training.

But the net effect of this is that you increase the amount of muscle tissue.

This process can be very different from person to person. And depending on your age and natural metabolic rate it can take very different time frames for people to achieve the same goals.

What SARMs do is speed up the processes in your body that lead to new muscle tissue being produced. This can only be done to a certain degree, as the body will naturally filter out excessive amounts of GH.

But with an increase in anabolic rate through heightened levels of GH, you can achieve a lot more in a much shorter period of time. With the right combination of SARMs you can achieve that increased level for several hours to cover your training and recovery period.

This then maximises the overall effect.

Importance Of Matching SARMs With Training Cycles

So, with all the above info in mind, it’s important to understand that not all SARMs work the same. Some help with lean muscle mass, while others will help to reduce stored body fat. And for that reason it is vital that you carefully analyse your training plan and cycle.

During your high intensity training where your aim is to build up as much muscle as possible, you will want to focus on products that specifically trigger receptors in muscle tissue. Then during recovery periods, or post cycle times, you can switch to products that will help with fat reduction.

If you mismatch the SARM to your training plan, then you won’t get the planned for benefits.

Recommended Products

Now that you understand why it’s important to carefully choose the right product for your bulking cycle, let’s take a look at two products most suitable for such goals.


Of all the SARMs available for muscle growth, this is by far the most potent one. Its name is very similar to testosterone and so are the effects. While it’s not as effective as testosterone, it has the huge advantage that it doesn’t come with all the negative side effects. During a bulking phase it will also help to speed up recovery periods and provide a significant amount of extra stamina and endurance.


A slightly less strong product is Ostarine, but combined with Testolone it does help to boost physiological processes during the recovery phase. It works in a very similar way but helps with the repair of muscle fibres, tendons and ligaments.

During a bulking training phase this can make a huge difference by reducing the amount of aches and pains.

Final Thoughts

For bodybuilders who are heading into a bulking stage of training there are some excellent SARMs that will make a huge difference. Matching the right product to the training cycle is what will make or break the cycle, so make sure you choose the right product.