How Do You Plan SARM Cycles To Achieve Your Goals?

How Do You Plan SARM Cycles To Achieve Your Goals?

Once you have decided to try out SARMs, the worst thing you could do is to just blindly start using some products. This will bring you some results, but taking such a scatter shot approach is less than ideal.

It can quickly become a waste of time, effort and money. And the end result will be that you don’t succeed in your goals and incorrectly point the blame at the products you took.

Here at AG Pharma we focus all our attention on bringing you the highest quality products and all the advice you need to get to your desired goals faster. And when it comes to SARMs it is important to start with a very clear plan and stick to it.

Using such supplements in your training plan should always be done through a strict schedule. Only when they are taken with a very regular schedule that you stick to for a precise time frame, will you get the maximum effects.

So, let’s get right into some definitions and important things to plan for.

What Is A SARM Cycle?

Just like with your protein and vitamin/mineral supplements, there are very precise times when you should be taking SARMs. Generally this is before your training, but there are some exceptions to this.

What is different though is that when it comes to taking these types of supplements you shouldn’t plan to take them at the same dosage and intensity indefiniately. Rather, what you should be doing is setting out cycles with some recovery periods.

This is not unlike your general training plan, where you might introduce a recovery week with lower intensity workouts every 4 or 5 weeks. The important thing is that these recovery periods are carefully planned and happen at regular intervals.

And using SARMs in your training plan should follow a similar path. Essentially you need a certain number of weeks where you maintain a steady dose of your stack followed by a few weeks of lower doses.

Now this leads us to the  question of how you plan out such a cycle.

How To Cycle SARMs

Whether this is your First SARMs Cycle or you’ve been repeating these for quite some time, it is very important to plan out what combination you will take and for how long. This combination should be set out for your precise goals, whether it’s bulking up or creating more definition through cutting.

There are many different goals and dependent on the intensity of your workout routines, the stack you use is going to be different. This will also very much depend on how many times a day you train, so keep in mind that the combinations are practically limitless.

For the purpose of explaining cycles we will focus on one of the most common and popular stacks.

Muscle Mass Gain

For a mid-range intensity training plan where you hit the gym on a daily basis along with some regular cardio workouts, the following stack is an ideal solution. On your training days you should focus on at least two of the following.

Week 1 to 12: Ligandrol

Week 1 to 12: YK-11

Week 1 to 12: Andarine

All of these products are available in our online store, and you can save money by choosing one of the pre-defined stacks.

It is going to be very important to always take them at a precise time before training and to avoid skipping days. This can result in your body reacting erratically, ultimately not giving you the full potential.

At the end of the 12 weeks it’s time to plan for a recovery period to give your body a break.

Post Cycle Therapy

Once you complete the main cycle over a 12 weeks it’s time to allow your body to adjust back to more normal growth hormone levels. The main reason for this is that you can become accustomed to the SARMs making them significantly less effective.

With such regular breaks you will reset your metabolic system and allow for the next cycle to be as productive as the first one.

At the same time, it’s an ideal time to ensure that you shed any remaining fat, and one of the most effective options for that is how many people plan their PCT time.

Week 13 to 16: Stenabolic

This will boost your metabolic rate even when resting and the result is a significant decrease in stored body fat under the skin and in muscles. It’s that extra step you can take to further decrease your BMI and get that fully ripped definition.

Final Thoughts

No matter what your goals are, it’s vital that you plan out your SARM intake in cycles. Once you gain a better understanding of how your body reacts, you will be able to make this planning a lot easier.

However, for your first adventure into this training experience, you should aim to stick to a plan like the above and keep a close measure of your results.