Ostarine Vs Ligandrol: Find All The Important Facts Before You Make A Decision

Two of the most popular SARMs available today are Ligandrol (aka LGD 4033) and Ostarine (aka MK 2866) and for very good reasons. Clinical trials have proven some very positive impacts and the side effects are rather minimal.

However, with the popularity of these products comes the very common question of which one is actually better.

And to help answer that question we’ve put together this guide. It will show you exactly what these products do and how they compare. Only then can you make an informed decision on which one will help you achieve your goals.

So, let’s get right into some descriptions.

What Is Ostarine?

Also commonly found as MK 2866 this is a SARM that is one of the most versatile with a great combination of effects. Like all SARMs it binds to androgen receptors in the body to trigger the increased processing of protein.

What is unique about this product is that it also triggers the metabolic processes that cause fat burning. As a result it provides decent increase in muscle mass and an overall reduction in BMI.

It also promotes the healing processes in muscles, ligaments and tendons. All areas that come under a lot of strain especially in high intensity stages of your training cycles.

It is because of this combination of benefits that it’s a very popular product with people looking to improve their lean mass.

What Is Ligandrol?

You might have seen this marketed as LGD 4033, which is the product code name from clinical trials. The main advantage with this product is that it has one of the strongest effects on muscle growth with minimal side effects (more on this below).

When used during a bulking phase of a training plan this will make a significant difference and there will also be a boost in strength and stamina. Basically, you’ll be able to train harder with more weights and build up new muscle fibres a lot quicker.

Compared with traditional steroids, there is also the advantage of reduced water retention which might initially look like more bulking, but this will quickly reduce again during post cycle times.

For the highest intensity training periods, Ligandrol is definitely one of the best options to seriously bulk up.

Common Side Effects

SARMs by their very definition are very selective in how they trigger processes in the body. As a result there are very minimal side effects, and in some cases, clinical trials have been unable to identify any negatives.

However, with both LGD and Ostarine human testing has shown that it results in a slight reduction in natural testosterone levels. In both cases this is very dependent on the dosage used and how long the on cycle lasts.

It’s definitely something to keep an eye on. If you notice a change in lower sex drive, disturbed sleep patterns, sudden mood swings or even an increase in body fat, then its best to look at reducing the dose or taking a break altogether. The symptoms will then quickly reverse.

All this then leads to the question…

Which One Is The Better Option?

Now that you actually understand how these supplements work, it should be clear that they are different enough to say that neither one is actually better. It all depends on what your goals are or what stage of your training plan you’re currently in.

If you are looking for maximum bulking during your highest intensity training program, then Ligandrol is the best option. It specifically targets receptors in muscle tissue and does so very effectively.

However, if you’re at a stage where you’re happy with the muscle mass you have built, and you now want to reduce your body fat to gain a more defined muscle appearance, then Ostarine is the best choice.

Basically, they are both the best option in their own categories. And there is one more interesting thing to consider.

Can They Be Used As A Stack?

The simple answer is that you can pretty much stack any combination. But this doesn’t always make total sense, and should be carefully looked at with specific goals in mind.

But before you jump into stacking them it is always best to try them out individually so that you fully understand how your body reacts.

As a stack though, it’s an excellent choice for anyone looking for maximum muscle growth and minimal BMI. The two products will complement each other to bring you exactly those results.

The other advantage is that when you stagger the intake and dosage it will result in longer lasting peak androgen levels. This is important as the body will automatically start reducing these levels if they increase too high.

Final Thoughts

The right answer to which product is best all lies in the goals being set. They are both exceptionally effective and popular for that very reason. From a price perspective they will cost you the same over the cycle period.

With the same side effects, it really becomes a matter of focusing on the benefits which are distinctive enough to mark them in different categories.