Peptides For Bodybuilding: Getting The Best Results

Peptides For Bodybuilding: Getting The Best Results

The use of supplements in the bodybuilding and high performance athletic world has long been associated with many illegal and dangerous products. In many ways, this bad reputation is justified.

Mainly because there have been many very unfortunate health problems and even deaths resulting from hormone treatments and traditional steroids.

However, in the last 20 years a lot of progress has been made to create alternatives to testosterone and synthetic growth hormone (GH) products. One such substance is called peptide, which essentially is a relatively simple protein.

Mainly available as a synthetic form, it triggers processes that are far less wide-spread, having a more controlled impact on the body. But when it comes to peptides, there are many products available today that are less effective or even completely useless.

That’s why we have done extensive research into clinical trials to find out exactly which products have proven to be most effective.

First though, let’s take a look at some basics of how the human body works.

How Is Muscle Growth Triggered?

Don’t worry, this is not going to be science lecture full of jargon that only a doctor can understand. But it is important for anyone looking to build up more muscle to understand what processes they need to trigger in order to bulk up or become more lean.

The obvious first ingredient is hard work at the gym. No supplement or magic pill exists that will develop muscle tissue without you putting in the hard work.

The second ingredient is a large amount of food intake of healthy and balanced produce. No junk or high glycaemic foods should ever be considered. It happens too many times that people decide to bulk up, start lifting weights, add some supplements and completely fail to gain significant benefits.

9 times out of 10 the problem is the diet not supporting the goals.

Assuming you have your diet sorted and are pumping the weights on a daily basis, then your body will gradually bulk up. Naturally, growth hormone levels will increase as your muscles come under more strain. This will help repair damaged tissue and will also create new muscle fibres.

One way to speed up this process is to boost GH levels in the body. Traditionally this was achieved through steroids, but now peptides are available with many advantages.

Ideal Products For Bodybuilding

Many performance drugs will have very different effects, mainly ranging from fat burning to muscle and bone tissue development. Stacking different products is an option to achieve both and in some cases, the drugs will actually naturally trigger both.

The following products have proven to be very effective when it comes to producing more muscle tissue to help with the bulking up process.


Overall this is a very effective drug when it comes to regenerating old tissue and producing new muscle cells. Growth hormone levels are significantly boosted and it will also help with repairing damaged skin cells. The end result is not just a faster bulking process, but also a younger looking appearance.


One of the advantages of this drug is that it is available with an affinity complex that helps to provide a much more gradual release. With the longer peak GH levels it ensures to maximise muscle production, and helps with faster recovery times after training.

Monitoring Side Effects

You can find out details of the most common side effects from peptides on our dedicated page. It is absolutely vital that you keep a close eye on how your body reacts to peptides.

Even though the negative effects are generally quite mild and fully reversible with a lower dosage, you still have to be careful when trialling such supplements. The most common things encountered are water retention, breast tissue development, and in some cases dizziness. If these start becoming noticeable, then it may be better to change your dosage or consider a different product.

Final Thoughts

Peptides have been going through clinical trials for over 20 years and some have proven to be quite effective when it comes to bulking up. Finding the right product from a reputable source is very important to ensure you get the benefits you’re actually looking for.

And you always have to be sure that the product you choose will actually trigger the results you want, as there are quite a few differences in how they work and what they trigger.