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Caffeine and D-Ribose Energy Mints – Peak Energy


24 Pouch Box

  • Fast acting source of energy in a matter of minutes
  • No sudden energy peaks and crashes
  • Proven to improve endurance and stamina
  • Provides post work out energy for faster recovery

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Peak performance is a term used in all areas of life, whether it’s studying, solving a problem at work or working hard in the gym. But achieving that absolute maximum performance that the human body and mind is capable of is a difficult task.

Helping you boost your energy levels to a place that increases your strength, stamina and endurance in the gym is not as simple as it might sound. Especially if you’re conscious of the supplements you take and how they can affect your overall diet plan.

However, Peak Energy is a surprisingly simple and highly effective product that provides you with only the ingredients you need, and none of the fillers you want to avoid.

Containing practically no sugar, each 10 calorie mintwill boost your performance and mental stamina by providing you with 200 mg of caffeine and 1000 mg of D-Ribose. This patented D-Ribose is what helps promote energy levels at the cell level in your body.

By stimulating your cardio vascular system and improving heart muscle function, blood will flow more efficiently and effectively providing the nutrients vital to muscles that are under significant strain during a workout session.

The caffeine gives you that alertness boost, and when combined with D-Ribose it ensures that you get a more regulated and longer lasting boost.

What often happens with other energy supplements is that you can get a sudden peak and a following energy crash that happens just as quickly. This is not helpful when you’re in high intensity training.

With Peak Energy you still get a fast action within 5 to 10 minutes, because the active ingredients are significantly absorbed in the mouth. As tempting as it might be to swallow the mints whole, you will get a faster effect by letting them dissolve on the tongue slowly.

The small size mints make it a lot easier to keep them in a pocket ready to take shortly before you start your heavy weight training. This helps you achieve the maximum benefit just at the right time.

It’s so much more convenient thana powder supplement that has to be mixed with water. Placeyour order today and find out how much of a boost you can achieve in the gym and many other daily situations.


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