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  • Gluten free non GMO sourced ingredients
  • No artificial sweetening agents
  • Fat free low calorie supplement
  • 25 g of protein per serving
  • 30 servings per container

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The secret to a quality post work-out routine is to source the highest quality natural protein supplements possible. Many of the very popular products available do a very poor job of helping you actually speed up muscle recovery and ultimately to build up more muscle.

The main problem is that the quality of the protein is very poor or worse yet, a type of amino acid that is not really suitable for the repair and building of new muscle tissue.ISO Hungry is very different and has been proven through extensive testing,to seriously provide some bulking power. Yes, you will still need to work out hard and have a healthy diet.

But you will gain the confidence you need to fully trust that your recovery time will actually provide the desired outcome.Each serving of 30 g will give you about 25 g of protein. For the average person that will be enough, but for serious bodybuilders several scoops will be needed for maximum effect. The remainder of each serving is made up of carbs that are sourced from plant extracts, with only 1 g of sugar in each serving.This means that you get almost no filler materials that end up doing more harm than good to your diet. You will also not find any harmful chemicals and sweeteners that have become very popular in other products available.

Taking this supplement immediately after a tough training session will ensure that your body gets as much protein as possible at exactly the right time. Simply mix with water or milk within 30 minutes of training.The type of protein supplied is very easily absorbed by the body and makes it into your blood stream very quickly. By having a sudden boost in protein at a time when your muscles are aching will do two things for you.Firstly, it will repair any damaged muscle fibres such as micro tears and general strain. As a result you will not have the same aches and pains you often get after pushing yourself.

Secondly, while your muscles are relaxing and repairing, new muscle tissue is being built up. This is precisely how you bulk up and why it’s so important to give your muscles all the building blocks they need in large quantities.

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