Jocko X Discipline


189 grams

  • Maximises physical strength and stamina
  • Promote cognitive skills in all types of situations
  • Ideal for athletes, students and any mentally demanding job
  • Truly unique formulation
  • 100% natural ingredients

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The name is intriguing, but the results from this truly unique supplement speak for themselves. Since its first introduction, Discipline has stood out as a product that really doesn’t fit into existing categories.

Is it a pre-work supplement? Or just a general energy booster? And what about the mental focus and strength you gain; how is all this bundled into one category?

The answer basically is that existing types of sports supplements come nowhere close to providing the all-round effect you gain from Discipline. The company behind this product promotes it as a “physical and cognitive force multiplier”, and that truly is a great description.

You can benefit from this supplement whether you’re an entrepreneur trying to strike a deal, an MMA fighter looking for a physical and mental edge, or a body builder aiming for new levels of strength and performance.

Building muscles is not an easy task, and at various times in training you can quickly find yourself doubting your ability to stay focused on your goals.But now you can have that extra game changing booster you’ve always wanted.

The unique mix of vitamins and minerals, along with natural plant extracts has a very stimulating effect on the body and mind. For bodybuilders that can provide a huge advantage as you will find that it not only allows you to pump more and for longer.

But you will also have the mental stamina to deal with the moment when you struggle with hitting that breaking point. By being able to continue with your pumps that little bit longer, will result in more muscle mass building up.

And if you’re in any way concerned about filler ingredients added to make it taste great and get you to keep taking it based on flavour alone, you’ll be glad to hear that the only thing used to provide a little sweetness is Monk fruit extract.

The all natural ingredients make this an ideal supplement that will not interfere with your diet. You can simply stick to your eating routine and add this to the mix before a heavy training session.

Order yours today and find out how much of a game changer Discipline really is.


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