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Research suggest:

  • Quality all-round properties: Muscle building, fat loss and increased endurance
  • Excellent healing properties, particularly for the bones, tendons and ligaments

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Buy MK 2866 – Australia’s Best Ostarine Enobosarm from AG Pharma

What Is MK-2866

Ostarine MK 2866 is a drug that belongs to the Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARM for short) which have largely replaced the use of hormone treatments like testosterone. The selective nature of their effects results in far fewer, and in many cases no side effects.

Traditional hormone treatment has very severe adverse effects that in many cases significantly outweigh any benefits. By selectively binding to androgen receptors in bones and muscles the results are very targeted. Muscle and bone repair and growth are the main functions that are triggered.

How Does MK2866 Work?

By binding to the androgen receptors (AR) in muscle and bone tissue the resulting growth is highly targeted to those areas. In other types of hormone treatments ARs in other body parts and organs are also targeted. This then results in many of the unwanted side effects.

The result is mainly the increased production and repair of muscle fibres and bone structure that ultimately leads to a stronger and leaner complexion. As with all SARMs side effects are very minimal which provides one of the main appeals of their use. With several studies completed on the effects it’s important to look at both the positives and negatives.

What are the Benefits of M.K. 2866 Ostarine?

With numerous studies completed and some still ongoing the effects of the drug have some established positive indications. Ostarine Mk2866 is not one of the strongest SARMs, but this allows for a much more targeted and subtle use. As a result the side effects are kept to an absolute minimum. Here are the main results from studies:

1 – Increased Muscle Development

The targeting of ARs in muscles brings about physiological processes that help to boost lean muscle fibre production (S 1).

2 – Fat Burning

The energy needed for creating new muscle tissue is generally sourced from blood sugar and fat, with Ostarine helping to source energy from fat storage (S 2).

3 – Improve Muscle Repair

Muscles have to constantly be repaired either after physical strain or due to disease. Ostarine helps with this process by speeding it up significantly (S 3).

4 – Increased Strength

The increased energy release also results in higher levels of strength and endurance that are noticeable with regular intake (S 4).

5 – Improvements In Bone Density

Osteoporosis is the reduction in bone density and can lead to significant problems. Ostarine studies have shown that ARs in bones are indeed targeted for an increase in density (S 3).

What are the Side Effects of Ostarine (MK 2866)?

Side effects are very limited with all SARMs dependent on how potent they are. Ostarine MK2866 is one of those drugs that has very few side effect. However, studies are not extensive enough to identify side effects with other drugs. Here are the main negative points:

1 – Slight Decreases In Testosterone

Testosterone levels can slightly decrease dependent on the dosage used. A reduction in dosage or short breaks have shown a reversal in this effect (S 5).

2 – Studies Still Pending

Studies are still ongoing and haven’t been extensive enough to rule out all types of side effects, especially when used with other types of drugs.

Cited studies:

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5 reviews for Ostarine Mk 2866

  1. I decided to try Ostarine as a fairly recreational gym goer. I was interested in seeing how it would affect my weight cut considering that I am not on any kind of anabolic agent and needless to say I was actually quite surprised at the results I was able to achieve. I was probably most surprised at the strength gains I was able to see, which kicked in honestly after around a week of using the recommended 30mg per day (1ml/day). I was also able to cut weight without losing significant mass and as a relatively skinny guy (6’5 230lbs / 104kg pre-cut) this was a big deal for me.

    I saw no adverse side effects (no alterations to blood pressure, mood, sleep or appetite) and weaned off in the last 2 weeks down to 0.5mg/day. After the cycle I only felt slightly flat for about a week when not on it but bounced back pretty quick after that with strength plateaus that were greater than prior to use, no drawbacks as promised. I’m definitely looking to do a slightly longer cycle next time with a bulk instead and am interested to see the strength / mass gains. I would definitely recommend this product from my experience so far.

    5 out of 5
  2. My last purchase included MK2866 Ostarine. Very effective for maintaining strength and muscle size when on a cutting cycle. Your product was excellent value for money. Thanks Paul.

    5 out of 5
  3. I recently purchased Osatarine mk2866 and have found it to be immensely helpful to my recovery. The taste is horrible, but ultimately worth the unpleasantness.
    I also found the delivery time to be short and the packaging more than adequate for the protection of the product.
    10 out of 10 on all fronts. Well done AG!

    5 out of 5
  4. I recently bought MK2866 and the product itself has been great. I am nowhere near as sore after a hard workout and feel I can push myself further and lift heavier than ever before. Also the AG Pharma team were more than happy to help me with any questions and queries that I had.

    5 out of 5
  5. I ran MK2866 for the last 8 weeks with a cut. I never ran the full dose and varied from 0.5ml up to 0.8ml.
    I made continual strength gains despite being in a calorie deficit. Recovery from previous workouts was outstanding! I managed to loose 7kg of pure fat and absolutely no lean muscle loss (this is backed up by a body scan before and after)

    5 out of 5
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