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720 Grams

  • Free from chemical sweeteners
  • Excellent source of energy for heavy training
  • No post work out energy crash
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • 30 servings per container

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Too many body builders still ignore the importance of using supplements before heading to the gym. And those that do try to get such an energy boost often sacrifice for poor quality products that simply don’t provide the highest quality you need for top results.

Wake Up is the ideal solution for athletes who have a well-established routine and want to get that extra lean muscle mass. It’s also great for those that are just starting out who want to make sure they maximise results from every trip to the gym.

But why is Wake Up such a great solution and how does it work?

If you’re looking to bulk up and create as much lean muscle mass as possible, then there are few things you have to do.

First of all, your diet has to be spot on and full of very healthy food. You will also need to take in many more calories than the average person, and that is something that most beginners to bodybuilding will struggle with.

Secondly, you need to work out very hard at the gym. Reaching a point where you don’t think you can push any further is exactly where you have to keep going. That’s when certain processes in your body are triggered that will result in faster and leaner bulking.

But even when you find the willpower to keep going, there are ways to push yourself even further, without taking any drugs that may be banned from competitive events.

Wake Up is such a supplement and when taken about 30 minutes before you get into the hardest part of your training, you will notice some very positive effects. It essentially works to help your body release more energy that is available to your muscles.

This means that you won’t hit breaking point until a lot later allowing you pump heavier and for longer.

The additional benefit with Wake Up supplements is that they are also packed full of minerals and vitamins that are not just important for your general health. They are also needed in the processing of energy and repair of muscle tissue that comes under heavy strain.

To find out how much more you can get out of every training session, place your order today and get the added boost you deserve.


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