Quick guide to dosing SARMs and Peptides.

Quick guide to dosing SARMs and Peptides.

Every cycle and stack can be tailored for the individual. This article is just a quick guide for recommended dosages for the average user a good starting point for 95% of people. Lets get straight into it:


All our SARMs are dosed so that you can take 1mL/day. This way each bottle is enough for a 1 month cycle. There is no real best time to take SARMs, and if there is its a hotly debated discussion. We recommend you choose a time in the day where you can be consistent so if its before workouts, first thing in the morning or late at night, as long as its roughly the same time each day you will get good results. Some of the SARMs however do have a short half-life (how long it works in your body) so may need to be split into multiple dosages a day.

Sarms are taken orally and we include droppers in each order for accurate measurements.

S4 – Fat burner known for boosting appearance by improving vascularity and muscle definition. Additionally it has been shown to improve endurance and bone density. Should split the dosage into 2 or 3 times a day for best results.

S 23 – Is the strongest SARM available for muscle growth and muscle repair. However it does suppress Testosterone production so will require a PCT.

MK 677 – The growth hormone SARM. Excellent for boosting GH and IGF-1 levels which has loads of benefits: lean gains, better sleep, better skin and improved immunity.

MK 2866 – The healing SARM – Great for lean gains and excellent healing properties, particularly for the bones, tendons and ligaments.

YK 11 – Is the second best muscle builder but without the side effects of S23. Can be used for lean gains as well and improves endurance.

LGD 4033 – The best SARM for lean gains. Improves strength and muscle mass and burns fat to do so.

SR 9009 – Excellent fat burner that boost your resting metabolism. Also improves endurance and reduces cholesterol, glucose and insulin levels. Unfortunately it has a short half life so need to dose every 2-3 hours (about 6 times a day) for best results.

RAD 140 – Another excellent lean gains SARM. It has been shown to increase endurance, stamina and speed and has exceptional anti-catabolic properties if you are looking to cut hard.


Peptides are taken by subcutaneous injection so are not as easy to administer as SARMs. There are lots of good guides online in either google or youtube so we will just cover the basics:

  • – You will need Bacteriostatic water to mix the peptide (you can grab some from our site), an insulin syringe for injection and alcohol wipes to clean the injection site. We recommend medshop.com.au for obtaining these products.
  • Once you mix the water with the peptide powder you must refrigerate it in its vial , generally peptides last 4-6 weeks once refridgerated.
  • The most common injection site is the upper thigh as its the least sensitive.
  • Common doses are listed below for each of the peptides

AOD9604 – Stands for anti-obesity drug. As the name suggest it is an excellent fat burner which mimics the lypolytic region of HGH which is responsible for burning fat.
Recommended dosage: 300mcg/day

CJC1295 – Is a growth hormone releasing analog. Which means it allows a steady increase in HGH and IGF-1 leading to muscle growth and fat loss. The DAC version can be injected weekly but better results are achieved without DAC on a daily injection cycle.
Recommended Dosage: 500mcg/week (with DAC) or 75mcg/day (without DAC)

GHRP2 & GHRP6 – Causes the pituitary gland to increase the production of growth hormone (GH). This allows for muscle growth and fat burning. GHRP2 allows for higher levels of GH but GHRP6 also increases appetite dramatically which can help with overall growth. So GHRP2 is good for lean gains, and GHRP6 for mass gains.
Recommended dosage: 150mcg twice a day (GHRP2) and 150mcg twice a day between meals (GHRP6)

Hexarelin – Also increases the level of growth hormone in the body. It does this by binding to the growth hormone secretogue receptor (GHSR) which increases the level of growth hormone which is excellent for muscle mass, fat burning, improved skin and heart performance. Dosage: 200mcg dailyIpamorelin – Is another growth hormone releasing peptide (GHRP). The difference with GHRP2 and GHRP6 is the effects are more subtle, so it doesn’t have any sides, can be used for longer and great to stack with other products.
Recommended dosage: 200mcg daily

Ipamorelin – Is another growth hormaone releasing peptide (GHRP). The difference with GHRP2 and GHRP6 is the effects are more subtle, so it doesn’t have any sides, can be used for longer and great to stack with other products.
Recommended Dosage: 200mcg daily

Melanotan 2 – Also known as the tanning peptide. It achieves a tan 10 times faster then exposure to the sun without the potential cancerous side effects by trigerring the production of melanin.
Recommended dosage: 500mcg daily


All our products are backed by a 90 day money back guarantee and have been achieving positive results for over 2 years. If you want to take your results to the next level then try us out by visiting our store here.